A day in the sun.

I’ts just an ordinary day. Then again, it’s up to you to imagine something out the ordinary, right? Anyway, These are all from Gothenburg, last Friday.

Semi-long day.

A few weeks ago, it was finally time for the Gothenburg half marathon again. Been a while since now. Not as many people as last, not the best weather (for spectators), but still lots to take pictures of.

You may compare these pics to the year I did a job on commission for the event. “Runners and spectators” in 2018 was fun too…

People of Gothenburg.

My hometown. Where I live. The loveable city I always return to. And often walk the streets of.

Many days has passed, since I travelled abroad. Pandemic and more has forced us to stay home. To dig where we sit. And to explore the closest surroundings. Here a few pictures from my walks in the last year or so.

Pandemic spring.

Really haven’t been out much, taking photos, this year. Only four-five occasions during April and May. In part because the lack of fun during the pandemic, but in part also because there really hasn’t been that many people out to take pictures of. Well, enough of excuses. Here are a few on the yield for the “Pandemic spring”. All these street photographs are taken in Gothenburg

Slow and distant walk.

What do you do, when you’re supposed to stay away from people. Well, you can still take pictures of them – as they stay away…

All taken in Gothenburg, end of May.