With or without.

Always hearing from people that one is better than the other. I just question if maybe not both have a place?

Talking about color or black and white. Nowadays people have very set opinions on either or. I really think most pictures have a meaning, even if the possible interested audience might vary.

Here a simple example on a pic where I’d hate have to choose just one and then pitch the other.


Well blended in.

This passed weekend No Limit street art festival was held in Borås, Sweden. Slightly foul weather, but the the long lasting result…

Second time around, this street art manifestation is quite special to Sweden, with all its grand murals and more – all world class street art.

Here in front of Logan Hicks new piece, suddenly one of the spectators just blended in.

More on No Limit? Just follow the link here (click).

Street art camo
Street art camo