The tolerant city.

Love Berlin. For it’s openness and will to stay in tune with a changing time. Even though street photography is less easy here, as people aren’t that open to get their pictures taken. But with an open face and an cheerful approach everything can be done. Right.

All of these pics are part of my new exhibition in Gothenburg.
Which of them do you like the most?

That warm feel.

Lisbon. Such a nice place to be, eat and meet people. And (of course) to take pictures.

I’m having an exhibition soon. Here some pics from my first selection of possible prints. Eventually I chose three of them. Like?

Own a piece of Gothenburg.

I’m printing a short series of this image (as I’m framing it for my own apartment).
50×70 cm, glossy poster (recommend sticking it to sturdier back paper). Delivered in a tub, so that you can take care of mounting yourself.

A tram approaches, Street photography, Gothenburg, wintertime
Approaching tram, Gothenburg wintertime

SEK 1000 or US dollars 120. Interested? Give me a holler and I’ll be happy to comply.
It will be signed and numbered of course…



Busy intersection.

The scenes of Chicago are plenty, here a variety of pics from up high, as I look down under the elevated train. All the pics are taken at the same intersection downtown.

All these pictures are part of my project “The Intersection” and are taken at E Randolph/N Wabash – under the elevated train.


Back to Windy city.

In a few weeks I’ll be back again. Last time it was for Thanksgiving and the November wind was less forgiving.

This time it’ll be summer and we’ll be approximately 12 Swedish Street photographers, staying for a long weekend. Me, I’ll first visit my family in Indy (Indianapolis). Seeing them again is a must, but after that I’ll indulge in all of the more or less dramatic Chicago scenes. See you there?

Eyes here and now.

Recently got a question for my best tips in Street photography. Three came to me instantly, to me the most important ones: 1. Get close, 2. Eyes and 3. Take lot of photos.

Eyes are to me the most important element in street photography. Eyes looking at you or projecting and leading to something else, maybe the main motif? When I walk the street it’s eyes I look for most of the time. Here a few examples of what I mean.

With greatest pride.

Visited the Rainbow Parade in Gothenburg the weekend past. So much joy, intertwined with some pain. Life itself in a way.

Here some of my pics, as I’m not really finished with them all. So fun that a man contacted me and asked for a pic of his husband, that was in the parade too. I’m happy to oblige.