GFN = Gunnar Fägersten Novik

Born in the latter part of the fifties, communications is the field of my work and play – in depth and in the broad perspective. Theatre, journalism, business development and marketing – it’s all me and based on what I know on communication, languages and how to convey it.

Images have been with me for many years, as I’ve always been fond of examining news ways of imaging among artists, photographers and others. Do love a good exhibition, play or movie. I’ve also been taking pictures with cameras for more than 40 years now. Especially loved the Nikon FM2 I bought many years ago, when I got rid of filters and lenses and stuff I’ve had earlier for bling enhancement. Having to always make sure the camera was set right (the FM2 is an analog manual settings only camera) was the best school, even if I even today really can’t claim I’m close to be fully taught in how to handle a camera. Which is good, because learning is something we’ll all need to do – and something I wish I can do for the rest of my life.

My pics are personal to me, they all have their own personal story and meaning to me. When I see them, I can almost smell the air, the atmosphere from when I took it. Taking pictures as a street photographer is also very personal. I believe it’s hard to succeed if you don’t put your heart truly into it. You have to be part of the place you’re in. I often speak with the people I take pictures of, most of the time after the picture is taken. I also very seldom have any problem taking pics, as I try to be open minded and joyful as I stroll the streets. Well, there’s a great advice for anybody new at this. Have an open, happy face – it will get you nice pictures.

I’m from Sweden, but have a big heart in the states, where I also have traveled quite a lot. My American family lives in the Midwest, but it’s just recently that I discovered all the layers and stages of Windy City – Chicago. Walking there with my camera in hand always pays off. Chicago is also my mentor’s big inspiration. Mats Alfredsson is not only a friend, but also a great inspiration in the field of street photography.

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