As far as I know and care, equipment is NOT the most important for any photographer. The image itself and the story it’s telling is the main issue.
To me it’s certainly more important to know the camera you carry and use, than to long after bigger, better and more expensive gear. That said, here are my three options today:

1. My cell phone, an iPhone X. Not the largest sensor in it, but capable to take decent pictures, when the light is good enough. Sometimes a pic from your mobile is all you need. And I always carry it.

2. My full format Canon 5D. Full format because I rarely use a flash. And I can push my ISO way up and still get great pics on occasions when I lack light. I mainly use my 24 – 104 mm 1:4 with it or the recent 16-35 mm 2:8. Nighttime I prefer the smaller 35 mm wide angle 1:2 lens.

3. My compact Fujifilm X100T. A camera I’m fairly new with and not yet that comfortable with. I’m learning it the hard way, manual setting and pic after pic after pic. Not quite pleased with what I get yet, even though I really like the small size and noiseless effort with it.

For postproduction I use both Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom, depending on what mood I’m in.

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