Busy intersection.

The scenes of Chicago are plenty, here a variety of pics from up high, as I look down under the elevated train. All the pics are taken at the same intersection downtown.

All these pictures are part of my project “The Intersection” and are taken at E Randolph/N Wabash – under the elevated train.


Up the stairs we go.

If you find a nice set of stairs, get yourself in a nice position and wait. You’ll get a good picture soon.

Climbing stairs 2


Of course a got a few more pics, but I like the one above the best. All pics taken at the staircase coming down from Plaza de la Convivencia in Bilbao (near the Guggenheim museum of Bilbao).


To me, street photography has a documentary notion. And you just don’t manipulate the pic, the moment when it was taken.

I’ve gotten sidetracked in one specific way, and thats in what I call the Artsy project. On a page/portfolio on this site you can see some of the results. And, as you might see, it all starts with one of my street pics. Click here to see them.

Or better in color?

This is an image I’ve mostly (since I took it in Berlin in September 2013) displayed in black and white. But I’m getting more hesitant about that choice.

The last year I’ve started to do my pics more and more in colour. Almost every photograph I took in Lisbon in April have therefor been in color. So I’m wondering – this pic, is it better in color too?

Bike hang around

That non perfect feel.

Sometimes you really like an image, no matter how technically imperfect it might be. This is certainly one of those, taken with my at the time brand new Fujifilm x100t. Seeing this, I remember that lukewarm night, efter being walking about for maaaany hours. Normally, the streets of Amsterdam are full or at least semi full with cyclists. This late, not so much.

Nighttime haste
Nighttime haste

Fair and square.

Do work quite often in the full square format, via Instagram. As I’ve shown before, magic appears as you crop to use the composition trick with Dominant eye. Here some of the pics from my account @gunnarfnovik.