Into the game, onto the pitch.

Borås, Sweden, May 25.
My two passions, football and street photography, aren’t that easily combined. But the documentary style of street can by applied, I thought.

So I took on a training vest in a different colour, relied on my feel for the game and stepped on to the pitch – camera i hand. The team is the guys I’ve been playing with for almost 15 years: Top league IF Elfsborg’s sponsors’ team.

I’ve taking pictures of some sport earlier on, always disappointed by the fact that it takes a lot of skill to do that right. Especially as most footballer turn their faces inwards the pitch, towards were the game happens. And photographers generally have to stay outside the side lines. But I wanted faces and expressions. So, here it is. A45 minutes practice session a Thursday morning. And this is what you get, when the camera is on the pitch itself. Enjoy.

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