We share knowledge.

I’m passionate about my street photography. But also try not to be possessive of knowledge or claiming I have enough knowledge. One of the great goals in my life is to constantly learn and to help others. It’s a feel good thing, really.

With my good friend and fellow street photographer Daniel Eliasson, I’ve written a basic course in street photography. The first course/work shop was in Swedish, but less than a year ago I translated the course into English.

Insta-Plugg1_960-960_We claim that street photography is a great discipline for learning more about your own way of taking pictures, of your camera(s) and of others in the urban environment. And – tada – this bit-sized course is totally free. Why don’t you try it too?

Taking the course is free, you only commit to receive one email a day for 20 consecutive days – each one taking less than 4 minutes to read. Just click here.
Welcome to the street photography!

Och. Kursen finns naturligtvis även på svenska (klicka).

Screening people

I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. This bit with smartphones is to a street photographer both irritating and nice.

It’s easier to take a pic as people don’t see you immediately and also the blueish light from the screens help to light up their faces. But. It’s getting harder to get that magic look straight into my camera these days…

Beautiful moments.

Next up of my Street Photography friends is Daniel Eliasson, the man behind “Streetpeople.se”. We’ve done some collaborations, even if I consider him slightly more experienced as a photographer than I am. He’s a fun guy, the perfect company as you browse night life in a larger city…

Why are you crying my friend?

Daniel and I wrote the original Street photography course at “Daily Bits of”, the version in Swedish. That was a great experience as we tried to pin down the pure basic elements of how to approach photography on the streets. Today there’s also an English version, that I wrote myself out of our mutual work.

Anyway, Daniel is a really good photographer, that’s already have had several workshops and exhibitions. Here are just a few examples of his storytelling.

All photos on this page: Daniel Eliasson.

In his own words: “I try to capture beautiful moments. Snapshots of life and social interactions between people. When I shoot street photos, I always look for the extraordinary. Something that sticks out from the regular. After 15 years, I still chase the perfect photo. I doubt it will ever come, but that’s what drives and motivates me; the hunt for the perfect street photography.”

More on Daniel? Visit his photography site on the web Streetpeople.se or go over to Facebook where you also can see some of his work.

Here or by email.


This simple and inspiring course I first wrote in Swedish with my Street Photography buddy Daniel Eliasson. This English version helps any photographer who likes to take pictures of people. Tips, knowledge and inspiring exercises, all wrapped into a 20 day, less than three minut e-mail course. And of course – it’s free of any charge.

There is also another way of taking the course and that’s here on my site. Just click on the meny at the words “Street photography – un introduction”.

Happy hunting on the streets!

Cathing moments.

The third of my friends in my street photography community (Gothenburg area) that I’ll like to introduce is Mats Johansson. As many of us, he’s got another job full time and take pics wherever he go (as he travels a lot). No matter whether you call Mats an amateur or not, he’s got that great eye for interesting pics.

Öppen bar (Open bar). Amsterdam April 2015

I saw one of Mats exhibitions last spring, where he declared that anything urban interests him, sometimes it’s street art, sometimes street photography – quite often a combination of the two. In his own words:

– To look for and catch moments, views and interesting meetings in a urban environment is magic, especially with lots of people and movements in them. It’s the mix of documentary and art that fascinates me.

” Kunst on wheels”.  After a week with looong work days in Brussels I walked towards the Central Station. Lovely weather, with lots of people. At the stairs up to Kunstberg/Mont des Art I saw three skaters. Shot several pics, of which this is one. The guy really liked to show off, both tricks and tattoos.

Photos: Mats Johansson

You can check out his pics at his own site, by clicking here.
Mats is also at Facebook (click here)   at Flickr (click here)  and at Instagram (click here).