Beautiful moments.

Next up of my Street Photography friends is Daniel Eliasson, the man behind “”. We’ve done some collaborations, even if I consider him slightly more experienced as a photographer than I am. He’s a fun guy, the perfect company as you browse night life in a larger city…

Why are you crying my friend?

Daniel and I wrote the original Street photography course at “Daily Bits of”, the version in Swedish. That was a great experience as we tried to pin down the pure basic elements of how to approach photography on the streets. Today there’s also an English version, that I wrote myself out of our mutual work.

Anyway, Daniel is a really good photographer, that’s already have had several workshops and exhibitions. Here are just a few examples of his storytelling.

All photos on this page: Daniel Eliasson.

In his own words: “I try to capture beautiful moments. Snapshots of life and social interactions between people. When I shoot street photos, I always look for the extraordinary. Something that sticks out from the regular. After 15 years, I still chase the perfect photo. I doubt it will ever come, but that’s what drives and motivates me; the hunt for the perfect street photography.”

More on Daniel? Visit his photography site on the web or go over to Facebook where you also can see some of his work.

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