… without a script.

In the Gothenburg area (Sweden) there are several really good street photographers, we kind of blend and mix in an unofficial photography network. I thought I’ll introduce some of them to you. First up is Agneta Dellefors Rydén.
Pic in top is called “selfie”

– It’s happening here and now. You don’t notice it, but there’s an non-staged play constantly going on, lacking both director and script.

It’s her own words, at a exhibition she’s currently having at Scandinavian Photo in Mölndal, just south of Gothenburg. If you’re close by, I strongly recommend you to go there. One reason is that almost all pics are better printed and hung on a white wall, but the main reason is of course that she’s a great photographer.

Her eyes spot both details and whole pictures, and her imaging is just as good. I believe she’s really good at the postproduction as the exhibited pics all are balanced, funny or intriguing – and sometimes all of that. She was kind enough to let me publish two of her pics from the exhibition. The one below is a real favorite…

Sötsur (Sweet ‘n Sour)

Photo: Agneta Dellefors Rydén

More of Agnetas work? Either at her Facebook site

or at her photography site – click here for some pics from our mutual trip to London in April 2014).

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