Daniel E

Daniel Eliasson is the man behind ”Streetpeople.se”. We’ve done some collaborations, even if I consider him slightly more experienced as a photographer than I am. He’s a fun guy, the perfect company as you browse night life in a larger city…


Daniel and I wrote the original Street photography course at ”Daily Bits of”, the Swedish version. That was a great experience as we tried to pin down the pure basics of how to approach photography on the streets. Today there’s also an English version, that I wrote myself out of our mutual work.

Anyway, Daniel is a really good photographer, that’s already have had several workshops and exhibitions. Here are just a few examples of his storytelling.

All photos on this page: Daniel Eliasson.

In his own words: ”I try to capture beautiful moments. Snapshots of life and social interactions between people. When I shoot street photos, I always look for the extraordinary. Something that sticks out from the regular. After 15 years, I still chase the perfect photo. I doubt it will ever come, but that’s what drives and motivates me; the hunt for the perfectstreet photography.”

More on Daniel? Visit his photography site on the web Streetpeople.se or go over toFacebook where you also can see some of his work.