Being convinced that most of my photographs look a lot better printed and hung on a wall (then on a small screen), I do try to be part of exhibitions. In April 2023 you could see 15 different photos in the small Mahogny espressobar in Gothenburg.

This pictures were all printed on fine print, semi-gloss paper, framed with reflection-free glass. All went well with the excellent Italian coffee you can have at Mahogny.
Opening Day was April 1st, Closing Day April 29th 2023!

To me, there are two very important reasons for both having an exhibitions and for keeping up street photography. It’s a social thing. And, it’s definitely not about the tech behind your pictures…

My first reason for doing street photography is all about the making of the photograph. From planning to the actual shooting, from looking at today’s collection to the computer editing at home, from the final version of the photo (yes, there may be more versions) to the final production of how the finished pictures is used. To me, the final picture is always the most important thing, even if the process to get there is important. Creating is part of the process.

The second reason for my passion is all these people I get to meet. Both those I sometimes go and photograph with, and those who end up in front of my camera. At this point I have met thousands of people who all have their story to tell. Either by themselves or through my pictures. I never imagine that I am telling the whole truth. But in the moment the picture was taken, we jointly create a truth.
Every picture and story is part of how I see the world. Every look creates magic in me. A moment with another person is an encounter that sticks – in the picture, yes, but also deep inside. Because every meeting is a grace.